I am a glass artist. I make work ranging from sculptural vessels to one off installation pieces. My inspiration is drawn form the inherent beauty of glass in its molten state. On this basis, I have developed my own making methods through the appropriation of traditional processes to express the material quality. Lost wax casting is one such technique, adapting the process to capture a moment when molten liquid solidifies, creating objects where structure and decoration are one.

I discovered the potential of glass while studying for an MA in Ceramics & Glass. When I first saw glass being blown, I was struck by its fluidity and energy, and I resolved to create work that mirrored these characteristics. Having been trained in ceramics, the need for an improvised approach helped inspire the technique I now use.

Behind the technique and artistic expression, there is a desire to question perceptions of value, luxury and indeed, beauty. The natural attributes of glass are often suffocated by design and the making process, rather than becoming part of the object. It is my aim to allow the material to speak for itself.

My work is designed to appeal to the senses, both in terms of creating something that is tactile and bewildering, yet also seeming wholly appropriate in terms of its application - the question: 'Is it glass? is a frequent response. The application of colour to my work also helps to reveal a side to the material that is rich and sensual in both visual and physical terms.